The BOLT-215, an advanced and modular energy system. By connecting systems in parallel, you can easily expand and install up to 60 sets in tandem. This gives you full control over the desired power (kW) and storage capacity (kWh). With an impressive maximum power of 6000 kW and a storage capacity of 12900 kWh, the BOLT-215 offers a versatile and scalable solution for all your energy needs. The future of energy starts here!

Battery capacity 215kWh
Rated output power (kW) 50-100kW
Dimension 1900*1330*2100 (W*D*H) mm
Weight +/- 2.500 kg

Features BOLT-215



Customized energy storage! Our BOLT-215 offer the flexibility to expand output power. The BOLT-215 is a modular system and can be installed in series for up to 60 systems. This allows us to adapt the system to your specific needs. With our system you can create exactly the solution that perfectly suits your energy requirements.


Battery System

The system mainly consists of safe, efficient and long-life lithium iron phosphate cells, which are connected in series to form battery modules, and multiple modules are connected in series to form battery clusters.


Battery Management System (BMS)

The core components of the system can effectively protect the battery from overcharge, overdischarge and over-current. At the same time, the balanced management of the cells can ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the whole system.


Power Management System (PMS)

System operation data monitoring, operation strategy management, historical data record, system status record, etc.

AC Parameters (grid connected)

Rated output power (kW) 50-100
Grid voltage range 3W+N+PE, 380
Grid voltage range  15%
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50
Grid frequency range (Hz) 2
Current waveform distortion rate <3%(Rated voltage)
DC component <0.5%In
Power factor >0.99(Rated voltage)
Power factor adjustable range 1(lead)~1(lag)
Overload capacity 110% Long term

AC parameters (off grid)

Rated output power (kW) 50-100
Rated grid voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
Current waveform distortion rate <3%(Linear Load)
Rated frequency Hz) 50
Overload capacity 110% Long term

Battery (Lithium iron phosphate)

Energy of each module(kWh) 215 215
Module qty 1 1
Total power (kWh) 215 215
Heating & cooling Heating & cooling Heating & cooling
LIFE CYCLE ≥6000 ≥6000

Basic Parameters

Dimension W*D*H (mm) 1900*1330*2100 (W*D*H) mm 1900*1330*2100 (W*D*H) mm
Weight (kg) +/- 2.500 kg +/- 2.500 kg
Isolated transformer Optional Optional
On/off grid switching - -
Protection Outdoor IP55 Outdoor IP55
Working temperature -20~55℃(>45℃derating) -20~55℃(>45℃derating)
Relative humidity 0~95% (no condensing) 0~95% (no condensing)
Cooling Intelligent air cooling (intelligent heating optional) Intelligent air cooling (intelligent heating optional)
Max working altitude(m) 4000(>2000 derating) 4000(>2000 derating)
Display Touch screen Touch screen
Communication RS485、CAN、LAN RS485、CAN、LAN
Communication Protocol Modbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B Modbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B

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